Yoga is unifying force true to its meaning, says Indian Ambassador

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WASHINGTON: Yoga is a unifying force, true to its literal meaning, India's top envoy to the US said Saturday, kicking off the celebration of the

6th International Day of Yoga

“Yoga is a unifying force, true to its literal meaning. People all around the world, transcending nationalities and cultures, have recognized the immense benefits of Yoga. They have made it a part of their everyday lives,” India's Ambassador to the US,

Taranjit Singh Sandhu

In his remarks at India House, during the virtual celebration of the 6th International Day of Yoga, Sandhu said the world is passing through one of the biggest health and economic crises of the modern times.
“This has affected our daily lives. The world needs yoga and meditation practices more than ever. Yoga has given us an opportunity to bring together people separated across geographies,” Sandhu said.
This year's theme for the event is “Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family”.
“We are not able to celebrate with a larger number of yoga enthusiasts due to the prevailing situation. Thanks to the technology, we are connected with thousands of people online from across the United States,” Sandhu said in his remarks.
Organized in partnership with Friends of Yoga and several organizations supporting Yoga in the US, the

virtual yoga session

was led by Teacher of Indian Culture at the Embassy Moxraj.
Several Hollywood stars attended the yoga day celebrations virtually. In the runup to the IDY celebrations, the embassy had conducted a series of virtual curtain raisers with various organizations.
“Yoga from Home,” tweeted Sandhu.
“A wonderful session today, Ambassador!” tweeted Mary Millben, a popular American actress and singer.
Sandhu along with Embassy officials followed the session in person while a large number of participants across US joined it through Embassy's social media channels on


and YouTube.
The virtual IYD programme started with playing of the video message from Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
In his message, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, "World is fighting a pandemic of monumental scale but yoga provides multi-dimensional solutions to the multiple challenges COVID-19 has brought".
"Yoga offers something for everyone. It enables strong mind and health body," he said.

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