Yoga gives strength to face adversity, says PM Modi

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Yoga has emerged as a force for unity that does not discriminate and goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith and nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.

In his message on the sixth International Day of Yoga, Modi said due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is feeling the need for yoga more than ever. The International Day of Yoga is a day of “oneness of humanness,” he said.

Covid-19 specifically attacks our respiratory system which is strengthened on doing ‘pranayama’ or breathing exercise, Modi said.

“If our immunity is strong, it is of great help in defeating this disease. For boosting immunity, there are several techniques in yoga, various ‘asanas’ are there,” he said.

Modi said yoga was not about providing physical strength, but also mental balance and emotional stability to confidently negotiate the challenges before us.

He said a yoga practitioner does not lose composure even in the most challenging circumstances. Even when the circumstances are adverse, to stay active, balanced and continue working tirelessly – yoga gives us these strengths, said Modi.

“Yoga enhances our quest for a healthier planet. It has emerged as a force for unity and deepens the bonds of humanity. It does not discriminate. It goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith and nations. Anybody can embrace yoga,” the Prime Minister said.

If we can fine-tune our chords of health and hope, the day is not far away when the world will witness the success of healthy and happy humanity, he said in the message.

With the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic looming large, International Day of Yoga is being marked on digital media platforms sans mass gatherings. This year’s theme is ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family’, Modi noted.

“We are talking of solving problems and working for global welfare through yoga,” he added.

The Prime Minister referred to the message of the Bhagwad Gita and said yoga was about efficiency in action.

“When we move forward with Yoga, our strength increases manifold. And we have to commit today that as aware citizens we will move forward with our families and society,” he said.

On December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly had declared June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’, months after Prime Minister Modi had proposed the idea.

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