'Yoga and health complement each other': UP CM Adityanath

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Ahead of the International Day of Yoga on Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said the ancient practice and health complement each other.

Immunity increases by practising yoga. If the immunity system of a person is strong then the risk of infection of any virus will be reduced, Adityanath said, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He was addressing an online workshop on yoga organized by Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad and Mahayogi Gorakshnath Yoga Institute on Saturday.

The chief minister said one should not be afraid of the coronavirus.

“It is the weakest virus of the century, only the transmission of this virus is fast. You have to protect yourself from this infection, especially children, elderly and those who are already suffering from any disease are most vulnerable to this infection,” he added. “The functional aspect of yoga is useful for person of every age. Through this, one can gain physical and mental health and understand the secrets of the spiritual world. In order to know the secret of spiritual world, it is necessary to have a healthy body and mind and this is possible only through yoga. Everyone should include yoga in his daily routine,” he said.

“Yoga gained global recognition through efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today, this day is celebrated in more than 200 countries. It also means that India also creates conversation through its heritage with so many countries,” the chief minister said.

Due to the ongoing crisis, it is not possible to organize this event in a collective form so practice Yoga with family at homes, he said.

“The Union Ministry of AYUSH has issued a common Yoga protocol regarding this. You can upload your photos or videos on that platform while practicing yoga. The central and state governments will also reward good yogis,” he said. PTI SAB CK

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