World Sauntering Day 2020: Take A Leisurely Walk And Enjoy The Day

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 Take A Leisurely Walk And Enjoy The Day

World Sauntering Day 2020: Day for a long and leisurely walk

New Delhi:

World Sauntering Day - yes, we do have one of those - could not have come at a better time. The coronavirus lockdown is being relaxed in phases and now you are allowed to step out and take a walk. But make sure to put on your mask and maintain social distance when you do so.

If you don't want to step out, you can saunter in your terrace garden, the balcony or just in your living room.

The word 'saunter' means to walk slowly in a relaxed manner and every year on June 19, the day is observed so that we slowdown from our hectic schedule and smell the proverbial roses as we walk along. On Twitter people posted the significance of slowing down and not "rushing through" life. 

Sauntering means to walk in a slow and relaxed manner..
We have to stop, admire or contemplate the beauty and surroundings around us...
From TODAY slow down and enjoy life and not rush through it.

— Reshma Agrawal (@ReshmaA29) June 19, 2020— #StayHome Pallavi Kamat (@Pallavisms) June 19, 2020

Even during the lockdown, many of us have been working from home and that is not exactly slowing down. On the other hand it may have been more hectic, managing the household and working as per office hours. Take at least a 10-minute leisurely walk, choose to saunter, forgetting the worries today.

Sauntering Day is the perfect opportunity to step back and look at the small things of joy around us - a bird picking up a straw for its nest or a chameleon hiding under a leaf.

Thank god it's Friday, you can push the 'sauntering' mind late into the night. The intent is to truly enjoy your time, recalling fond memories. 

Things you can try to enjoy Sauntering Day:

If your work place is close by, instead to driving or taking public transport saunter back home.

Take a break, saunter to the nearest coffee shop.

Go for stroll in the local park.

If you can't go out relax at home and read a book with a mug of coffee.

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