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There is no artist in the world that can match the creative genius of Mother Nature. Some of the works of Nature are on display whereas some are yet to be discovered. These places are so extraordinary that if they had not been photographed, you wouldn’t believe they exist. A dark forest straight out of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales, a field of tulips aligned to perfection, caves that no one had seen the inside of for centuries and a salt depository that works as the largest mirror in the world. So, grab your cameras as we sojourn into some of the most unique and exquisite places the world has to offer.

Crooked Forest – West Pomerania, Poland

Krzywy Las (crooked forest) in West Pomerania - oddly shaped pine trees & no one knows why. Theories from work of aliens to being deformed for ship builders #krzywylas #crookedforest #poland

— Agri Warschau (@AgriWarsaw) January 15, 2020

Known for its characteristic crooked trees ‘Krzywy Las’, plays host to these oddly ‘J shaped’ pine trees. This forest consisting of about 400 trees has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists and scientists alike. The cause for their unusual shape remains a mystery but it is certainly a must-visit place for all adventurers.

Salar de Uyuni – Potosí, Bolivia


This is the world’s largest salt flat which covers over 10,000 square kilometres in area. The Salar was formed due to the various transformations in prehistoric lakes. Now covered in a few meters of salt crust, Salar de Uyuni looks like a vast white dessert in the dry seasons making it a sight to behold but during the wet seasons, the flat turns into a gigantic mirror that reflects everything from the starry night skies to the clear blue days.

The Black Forest - Baden-Württemberg, Germany  

A perfect place to let your imagination run wild, the Black Forest is 6000 kilometres per square of high mountains, rivers and enchanting forest. The forest also plays host to many abandoned mining factories and houses with old world architecture. Whether you are a troublemaker looking to prank your friends or an old ghost wailing and shouting to avenge your death, this might be the perfect place for all your supernatural needs.

Kuang Si Falls – Laos 

If ever there was paradise on earth, it would be the Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls about 29 kilometres south of Luang Prabang. The three-tierd waterfall has water so deliciously turquoise blue you cannot help but take a dip. The shallow pools have become a popular destination for backpackers and the hike there is absolutely worth witnessing this splendour of nature.

Ice Caves – Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia and Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska

The caves in near Mutnovsky Volcano are know for the various colours you can see even from the cave; the lights are a result of sunlight streaming through the ice into the cave below. The cave itself is formed due to an underground river that comes from the volcano.

The Mendenhall ice caves are one of the few places in which you can experience all the stages of the water cycle at once. The shimmering blue walls can be seen from inside the hallowed-out glacier. The glacier is about 20 kilometres long and not very far from downtown Juneau in southeast Alaska. However, these caves are tricky to get into without a guide as some areas are known to cave in or melt.

Tulip Fields – The Netherlands

Another absolute wonder to behold are the many, many tulip farms in Holland. These farms are so rich in beauty and colours that one can only imagine their splendour till they see it for themselves. The sheer vastness of the fields makes it even more dream like. It seems almost as if Nature has just set out its paints on a pallet before painting the next masterpiece.

Tunnel of love – Kleven, Ukraine

You can almost picture meeting the Elves of Rivenden or Lothlórien around the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine. The train tunnel that links Kleven and Orzhiv is shrouded in vibrant green plants that form a canopy around the tracks. The tunnel stretches for about 3 kilometres and is a fairly common place for couples to walk hand-in-hand.

Wisteria Flower Tunnel – Japan  

The incredible Kawachi Fuji Garden is located in the city of Kitakyushu, Japan. It hosts 150 flowering wisteria plants spanning 20 different species. The flower tunnel that is the main attraction of the garden is so beautiful that it can only belong in the anime world. Visitors are allowed to walk under the canopy created by the flowers and express their undying love.

Movile Cave – Mangalia, Constanta County, Romania

— GeoConnect3d (@Connect3dGeo) October 31, 2019

This cave for first discovered in 1986 when workers were testing the area for suitability for the power plant when the came across sections of the cave that had not been touched by humans or light for 5.5 million years and is based completely on chemosynthesis rather than photosynthesis. Not the most hospitable of places, the Movile cave has a poisonous atmosphere and many creepy crawlies flourish in that environment. The cave is home to about 69 species, 33 of which are endemic. Considering the state of this year, perhaps we should leave that cave untouched for another few million years.

Kawah Ijen Volcano – Indonesia

An Indonesian volcano that erupts "blue" lava—@NPRskunkbear on the science of Kawah Ijen:

— CA AcademyOfSciences (@calacademy) September 10, 2016

Located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency of East Java the volcano spits out blue fumes rather than lava. The flames lap up near the surface to create the most mesmerising visuals. The blues flames are a result of the combustion of sulphuric gases. Further down the gasses cool into liquid sulphur and continue flowing down the slopes. According to National Geographic, “Kawah Ijen Crater Lake, at the top of the volcano, is the world’s largest such body of water filled with hydrochloric acid. In fact, it’s the acid that makes the water green.” As bizarre and dangerous as it sounds, this has to be our top pick for the most unbelievable places on Earth.

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