With a drop in Covid-19 cases and deaths, Dharavi shows signs of flattening the...

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Dharavi, a hotspot in Mumbai, has not recorded a single death related to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the last six days and 939 of the 1,899 patients have recovered so far, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials have said.

Officials said on Sunday that 34 people had tested positive for Covid-19 on June 1 and that the number has now come down to 10 in Dharavi, which is Asia’s largest slum.

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“Dharavi has not reported a single death in the last six days, which is the first major indicator that we are on the right track. The number of people getting discharged is also increasing,” Kiran Dighavkar, assistant municipal commissioner of G north ward of BMC, said on Sunday, according to news agency PTI.

Dighavkar said 939 of the 1,899 Covid-19 patients have recovered.

“Dharavi area has reported 71 deaths so far. But the real change is (reflected) in the daily testing of samples. A total of 34 people had tested positive for coronavirus on June 1 which has now come down to 10,” he added.

Mumbai had recorded 1,420 new Covid-19 cases and 61 deaths taking the case count and toll to 48,774 and 1,638 respectively

Maharashtra saw 3,007 cases on Sunday, taking the tally to 85,975. It also reported 91 fatalities taking the state’s death toll to 3,060.

Dighavkar said Dharavi has reported lower number of cases because of aggressive screening and testing of suspected cases in the area as well as the activation of fever clinics.

“With the help of fever clinics, we could identify the people showing symptoms similar to that of coronavirus infection. We isolated them immediately which helped in either containing further transmission of the virus or spreading any kind of infection from those who are feeling unwell,” he said.

Dharavi, which home to at least a million people, had reported the first Covid-19 case on April 1, a week after the national lockdown came into force on March 25.

The slum in central Mumbai has become a focal point since then as it is home to many small-scale industries and also a major supplier of informal labour.

According to BMC officials, the large scale exodus of people during the lockdown could have also contributed to the lower number of Covid-19 cases.

“Dharavi offers jobs to hundreds of thousands of people. With continued extensions to the lockdown, a sizeable number of people have left the slum for their homes. This helped us in ensuring physical distancing to some extent,” an official was quoted as saying by PTI.

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