Windows 10 is getting these new features

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Windows 10

is set to get new features focussing on




. The operating system is getting an integrated GIF search, an

improved voice search

and other features. The features are right now in beta testing.
Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206 recently outlining the new features. The tech giant has added an emoji picker, an inline search box to improve emoji search, support for more number of emojis, languages, symbols and kaomojis, as per a Windows blog post.
Coming to the Animated GIF support, “WIN + [.] and WIN + [;] will now enable you to quickly input animated GIFs. The selection of animated gifs will be continuously updated based on current trends and #hashtags. Search is also available for those times where you need to find the perfect reaction gif to succinctly communicate your message.”
As for the input experiences across emoji and clipboard history, the company is “bringing input and clipboard history together into a single experience. You can still press WIN + V to go straight to clipboard history, but now you can also access it by switching to the “Clipboard” category after pressing WIN + [.] or WIN + [;].”
Windows Voice Typing is another highlight of the upcoming features. Some of the sub-features of voice typing are touch keyboard optimisation, auto-punctuation, an updated back end, using the keyboard shortcut (WIN + H) or tapping the microphone button on the touch keyboard to begin voice typing etc.

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