"Why There Is No One Beyond Modi-Shah?" Ashok Gehlot Jabs BJP

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'Why There Is No One Beyond Modi-Shah?' Ashok Gehlot Jabs BJP

Ashok Gehlot also said "sacrifice is inherent" in the Congress' DNA. (FILE)


Lashing out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for targeting the Congress, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot asked why there is no one beyond Prime Minister Narendra Modi and him in the BJP.

Attacking the Congress on the 45th anniversary of the imposition of the Emergency in the country earlier in the day, Home Minister Amit Shah in a series of tweets had said its party leaders are feeling "suffocated" and the party's disconnect with people keeps widening.

In an apparent reference to the Gandhi family, Mr Shah had alleged that "interests of one family" took precedence over the party and nation and questioned why the ''Emergency mindset'' still exists in it.

Responding to the criticism, Mr Gehlot said Amit Shah along with PM Modi has "high-jacked" the BJP and NDA government with no breather for other leaders.

He said apart from three to four ministers, the public does not "even know who all are there in the Modi cabinet".

"It has merely been six years of the BJP and we can see how they have dismantled the democratic, ethnic and social fabric of this nation. May we know why there is no one beyond Modi-Shah in the BJP," he questioned.

Mr Gehlot also claimed that only the Congress had the courage and strength to take on the "tyranny" of the current regime.

Mr Gehlot said he is not surprised to see that out of all opposition parties, Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Shah are worried only about the Congress.

"They are not fit to question democratic values of Congress Party and CWC," he tweeted, while quoting veteran BJP leader L K Advani''s statement that "forces that can crush democracy are stronger~CHECK~I don''t have the confidence it (Emergency) cannot happen again".

He defended the Gandhi family, saying it is "no secret" that no one from them "held any position of power" in the past three decades.

"They have always encouraged and empowered the cadre and ground worker of Congress Party like me and if at all we are disconnected with public, why is Shah so worried?" he said in a series of tweets.

Mr Gehlot also said "sacrifice is inherent" in the Congress' DNA.

(Former PM) Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life for the nation and her contribution to the creation of Bangladesh as a new nation "will always remain India''s greatest diplomatic victory", Mr Gehlot said.

The chief minister also recalled the contribution of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and said he laid down his life for the nation.

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