Why iPhone’s next OS update may bring ‘bad news’ for Facebook

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Back in June when


showcased the key features of the upcoming

iOS 14

,, it had talked about one particular

privacy feature

that did not go down with


. Apple mentioned that soon


users will be able to disable tracking between apps as it will enable iPhone users to control which data each app can access, including clipboard notifications.
A new report by The Information claims that the company representatives have been in talks with the mobile game companies — their key advertising partners — for these privacy changes to address their issues.
"To ease their concerns, Facebook representatives have been meeting with gaming companies, say two people familiar with the meetings. Besides reassuring this important group of customers, Facebook employees have been engaged in trying to get more information about the upcoming Apple shift, according to one gaming executive who has been meeting with them,” said the report.
The report claims that this could lead to a possible less spending on “app-install advertisements” — a category that asks people to download an app or a game.
When asked Apple, a company spokesperson said that even though targeted advertising is welcome, it still wants its users to make the choice.
“An Apple spokesperson said the company welcomes targeted advertising, but it wants to give users the ability to opt in to those types of ads. If someone doesn’t want to be tracked, Apple will tell the app’s developer, which needs to make sure the app is complying. Apple says it could ban any app that continues to track users against their wishes,” said the report.
This isn’t the first time Facebook’s concerns have come to light. In July, Facebook’s CFO David Wehner also spoke about it to CNBC hinting on the negative impact of this feature on the company’s business model.

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