White House announces $10 billion plan to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines

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March 25 (UPI) -- The White House announced Thursday that the Biden administration will spend $10 billion to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines and build confidence in some of the most vulnerable communities in America.

The announcement detailed a series of several new actions aimed at getting Americans vaccinated and stemming the spread of the coronavirus disease in the United States. The White House called it a "historic" investment.

"With funding in large part from the American Rescue Plan, the Department of Health and Human Services will invest nearly $10 billion to expand access to vaccines and better serve communities of color, rural areas, low-income populations, and other underserved communities in the COVID-19 response," the White House said in a statement.

"This funding will expand access to vaccines for vulnerable populations and increase vaccine confidence across the country."

The funds will benefit federal vaccination sites nationwide, allow more vaccines to reach pharmacies and health centers and launch hundreds of mobile clinics to inoculate poor, rural and hard-to-reach areas.

The announcement also said the Health Resources and Services Administration will add funding to boost vaccinations at 1,400 centers nationwide next month.

"Equity is at the center of the administration's COVID-19 response," the White House added.

"In the past two months, 60% of doses at federally-run community vaccination sites were administered to people of color. In the federal retail pharmacy program, 45% of sites were located in zip codes with high social vulnerability scores."

As part of the new measure, the government will spend $6 billion to expand vaccinations, testing and treatment for vulnerable populations and $3 billion for local government support.

About $300 million will go to support community health workers and $32 million is earmarked for training, technical assistance and evaluation.

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