What UPSC Looks For In Civil Services Aspirants? IPS Arun Bothra Answers

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What UPSC Looks For In Civil Services Aspirants? IPS Arun Bothra Answers

Arun Bothra is an Odisha cadre IPS officer.

New Delhi:

"This is a very fair examination," IPS Arun Bothra has said in a message addressed to UPSC Civil Services aspirants and has repudiated rumors about the selection process. "Many people say that everything is sold," he said and added, "then how did a son from a middle class family like me become an IPS officer?". In the 12 minute long video, the IPS Officer has discussed about his journey from Rajasthan's Pilibanga village to cracking Civil Services exam in 1996.

"If you want to hire a driver, and if there are three people to choose from: one who is an engineer without any experience, second who is a 55 year old man with 30 years of work experience as a mechanic but zero experience of driving, and the third who is only a matriculate but has 20 years of driving experience, who will you hire? Obviously the third person because that person is suitable for the job," Mr Bothra gave an example to explain the selection criteria adopted by UPSC.

Likewise, UPSC will select those candidates, for IAS, IPS and Allied services, who are suitable to manage lakhs of people and handle multiple problems, he said.

The UPSC assesses candidates on the basis of their information procuring and analysis skill, he said. Good and sufficient information can help a civil servant take decision that can impact lives. A civil servant should analyse the information and should have a pragmatic outlook, he said adding how COVID-19 situation has been handled by administrators despite the fact that the solution to this infection is not available yet.

Citing Article 370 as an example for how to present an answer in the Civil Services exam, Mr Bothra has said, "a candidate should know about the historical, economical, demographical, military and all other aspects of the question. An ideal answer should have all the aspects and the conclusion should have a positive dimension."

— Arun Bothra (@arunbothra) June 10, 2020

Arun Bothra, an Odisha cadre IPS officer has held a number of portfolios and has been proactive in benevolent reachout activites during the grim COVID-19 lockdown situation. He helped the mother of an autistic child in Mumbai get camel milk from Rajasthan.

UPSC conducts the Civil Services exam every year for over 10 lakh candidates. Candidates are selected on the basis of preliminary and main exam. This year the preliminary exam will be held on October 4 after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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