What India searched most for in May on Google: Coronavirus, vaccine, movies and more

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NEW DELHI: Google is out with its top-trending search results for the month of May. While the pandemic-related searches continued to dominate the search results, overall the word coronavirus dropped to 12th position in May. It ranks behind topics like Film, Meaning, News and Weather; which are all consistently highly-searched topics in the country. The volume of search related to coronavirus in May is half of what it was in the month of April, but still five times more searched than Cricket.
With almost everyone waiting for vaccine to end coronavirus menace, the top trending coronavirus-related topic is 'vaccine', increasing by +190% in May. Vaccine-related searches reached a new record high during the month, the biggest sing-day jump came on May 6. As for the states, the state with the highest search interest for coronavirus during the month is Goa, followed by Meghalaya and union territory of Chandigarh.
The top trending search term overall for May is 'Lockdown 4.0', it spiked +3,150%. The second top trending term overall is 'Eid Mubarak', witnessing jump of +2,650%. Among coronavirus-related searches, the search for 'coronavirus lockdown zones Delhi' surging +1,800% over the month and 'Italy coronavirus vaccine' by +750%.
Here are all the top Google searches for May.
Trending search questions releated to coronavirus in May
⦁ Which disease is related to coronavirus?
⦁ Where in China coronavirus first identified?
⦁ Can asymptomatic people spread coronavirus?
⦁ Is corona virus or bacteria?
⦁ Will lockdown extend after 17 May?
⦁ Will coronavirus ever end in India?
⦁ Coronavirus how many death in world?
⦁ How many types of coronavirus are there?
⦁ How many people died through corona virus in the world?
⦁ How much time coronavirus live on paper?
Trending searches related to coronavirus in May
⦁ Lockdown 4.0
⦁ covid19.org tracker India
⦁ Italy vaccine coronavirus
⦁ Coronavirus lockdown zones Delhi
⦁ Bejan Daruwalla coronavirus
⦁ Coronavirus vaccine update today
⦁ US coronavirus live update
⦁ Coronavirus worldometer country wise
⦁ Coronavirus definition
⦁ COVID-19 news
Top 10 states ranked by search interest for coronavirus in May
⦁ Goa
⦁ Meghalaya
⦁ Chandigarh
⦁ Tripura
⦁ Nagaland
⦁ Jammu and Kashmir
⦁ Daman and Diu
⦁ Sikkim
⦁ Haryana
⦁ Jharkhand
10 most-searched questions related to vaccine in May
⦁ What is vaccine?
⦁ Is corona vaccine ready?
⦁ How much time for corona vaccine?
⦁ What about corona vaccine?
⦁ Name the vaccine that is German company COVID-19.
⦁ Who invented smallpox vaccine?
⦁ Who invented polio vaccine?
⦁ Is there any vaccine for coronavirus?
⦁ Name the vaccine that is jointly developed by Pfizer and Biontech.
⦁ When corona vaccine will come in India?
Most searched films in May
⦁ Patal Lok
⦁ Ponmagal Vandhal
⦁ Tipu Sultan movie
⦁ Eureka movie
⦁ Mrs Serial Killer
⦁ MLA movie
⦁ Seven Telugu movie
⦁ Pogaru movie
⦁ Rahu movie
⦁ Geetha Govindam full movie Tamil

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