What Apple is doing to make 5G-enabled 2020 iPhones ‘affordable’

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seems to be trying hard to keep the price of the

iPhone 12

very similar to the present iPhone 11 models. The new iPhone 12 series will have 5G components and in order to accommodate the costs involved in offering 5G support, Apple may not provide the standard 5W charging adapter and also there will be no wired earphones or EarPods, as per analyst Ming-chi Kuo. Not only removing free EarPods and charging adapters will help Apple indirectly reducing costs but it will make the box of new iPhones lighter which will attract lesser freight charges.
If you are an


user then you will already be having EarPods and the standard 5W charging adapter. For new iPhone users too, the removal of both these accessories from the box may not matter much as the 5W charger is slow to fully charge an iPhone. There are better fast charging options in the market and the audio quality of the EarPods are not something desirable in 2020. Not to forget, Apple stopped providing the wall socket charger with the Apple Watch Series 3.
Removing EarPods and charging adapters from the box, may help Apple in boosting sales of AirPods and also its 18W fast charging adapter that is sold separately.
Meanwhile, rumours previously suggested that Apple may ship a 20W fast charging adapter with the

iPhone 12

. It turns out that there is a plan to ship a 20W charger, however, it is meant for newer iPads and not iPhone 12 series. With this new charging adapter, Apple may most likely offer a USB Type-C to lightning cable. This means you won't be able to use this Lightning cable with the old 5W adapter. On the plus side, a Type-C port on one end means you will be able to plug into new MacBooks.

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