West Bengal Governor A Spokesperson Of BJP: Trinamool Congress

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 Trinamool Congress

TMC accused the latter of being a "spokesperson" for the BJP.

New Delhi:

Continuing the duel between the TMC and West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar, party leader Derek O'Brien on Saturday accused the latter of being a "spokesperson" for the BJP.

The war of words had started after Mr Dhankar expressed anguish over a video, purportedly showing the bodies of COVID-19 victims being disposed of in a disrespectful manner in the state.

The video was later declared to be "fake" by the police, who claimed that the bodies were not of COVID-19 patients and that they were unclaimed and unidentified bodies from the hospital morgue.

In an online press conference, Derek O'Brien, who is TMC spokesperson and leader of the party in the Rajya Sabha, asked why the governor was targeting the state over the coronavirus issue.

"First he would tweet on their behalf and now he is also on TV. He is now officially the BJP spokesperson. He is linking a video of a dead body with coronavirus. Why is he selective on West Bengal? Why is he not questioning what is happening in Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh where the testing is much lower than that of Bengal? Look at the situation in Balarampur, where a body was transported in a garbage van, but he does not tweet about that," the TMC leader said.

"These things don't draw the attention of this publicity monger, headline hunting maniac," he said, listing the NHRC notice to the Uttar Pradesh government and other incidents which he said should have drawn Mr Dhankar's attention.

Earlier, in a series of tweets on Saturday, Mr Dhankar again referred to the video and said the manner of disposal of the dead bodies was "uncivilised and uncouth".

"Our age old traditions were mercilessly decimated by repeated dragging of dead bodies by iron hook. Urge immediate apology to society at large," he had said.

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