"Were Paid To Join Congress": Sachin Pilot Camp Hits Back At Ashok Gehlot

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On Horse-Trading Charges, Team Sachin Pilot's Reminder To Ashok Gehlot


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's allegations about horse-trading and a Rs 20-crore deal has raised the hackles of leaders from Team Sachin Pilot. A former minister has questioned Mr Gehlot about the events when MLAs from Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party joined the Congress over the years. Mr Meena was one of those who joined the Congress fold.  

BSP MLAs have twice left their parties and merged with the Congress, "both times at Mr Gehlot's behest," said Ramesh Meena. In his first tenure, Mr Gehlot brought four MLAs into the Congress. In his second tenure he brought in six MLAs.

"Today they say that there is talk of crores of "len-den" (give and take). I want to ask the Chief Minister -- how much money was paid to us when I joined the Congress? Tell the truth. There was deceit and they told us there will be growth," he said.

Another MLA, Murari Lal Meena from Dausa, had a similar question.
"We are upset as he is accusing us of corruption. We want to ask him -- when we crossed over from the BSP to the Congress in his last tenure, how much money did he give us," he said.

Mr Gehlot today reiterated his allegations of horse trading by the BJP ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections. But this time, he accused his former deputy of being implicated.

Mr Gehlot, whose government was pushed to the brink of collapse following Mr Pilot's rebellion, said, "The former PCC chief was involved in dealings with BJP. I have proof of horse-trading".

"Money was offered. And who gave the clarification that nothing was happening? Those who were themselves part of the conspiracy are giving clarifications," Mr Gehlot was quoted as saying by news agency Press Trust of India.

It was police summons to Mr Pilot for an investigation into the alleged "horsetrading" that triggered his rebellion over the weekend.

Sources close to the 42-year-old leader said it was a huge humiliation for him.

Mr Gehlot had tried to play down the summons, saying he received one too, but Mr Pilot's team had dismissed it as an eyewash, since the Mr Gehlot, as the in-charge of the home ministry, was the boss of the investigation team.

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