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Uttarakhand’s Sitarganj jail premises in Udham Singh Nagar district has been declared a coronavirus containment zone on Sunday till June 21, seven days after five inmates there tested positive, said officials

“We have declared Sitarganj jail premises a containment zone and imposed complete lockdown there for two weeks. Families of staff will remain in their houses. Essential supplies will be provided to them at their doorsteps,” said Neeraj Khairwal, district magistrate (DM) of US Nagar.

On May 31, five prisoners had tested positive in Sitarganj jail, ringing alarm bells. Sitarganj jail has 666 inmates against a capacity of around 300, said jail authorities. The positive cases came to light after random testing of 52 inmates was done on May 28. Five of these samples tested positive on May 31.

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The district administration has now instructed the jail staff to stay in a hotel in the nearby industrial area to prevent spread of the infection to their family members, said officials.

According to the DM, district supply officer and the assistant director, dairy have to ensure supply of daily items and milk at the doorsteps of staff quarters in the jail premises. Police will set up barricading to stop any movement of people and officials in and out of the premises, the official said.

The DM has warned traders and customers to maintain social distance and wear masks.

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Khairwal said, “Despite the disease spreading in the state, people are not following guidelines in the district. I have instructed all officials concerned to take action against those who fail to follow the guidelines.”

US Nagar is the only green zone district in Uttarakhand.

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