Using AI, NTA identifies 56 JEE (Main) crooks

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NEW DELHI: Employing AI algorithms on face comparison to detect


, the

National Testing Agency



) has identified 56


from the February cycle of


(Main) 2021, whose images match with some of the 20,000 top-ranked candidates of the exams in 2019 and 2020 despite differences in other credentials.
The agency has alerted the test centres and images as well as identification documents of these candidates during entry for the exams are being collected. According to

ministry of education

(MoE) sources, details of these candidates would be shared with the


so that they are not granted admission if impersonation is proved.
The first of the four cycles of JEE (Main) 2021 commenced on February 23. The first day was for architecture and planning papers, while Wednesday was the first day of engineering papers. A total of 6.6 lakh candidates have registered for this cycle.
Cases of alleged impersonation have been found in


and NEET (UG) earlier and as recent as October, 2020.
“This is the third year NTA is conducting the computer-based JEE (Main). We have been hearing that some of previous years’ toppers would impersonate, score high and help secure a seat for someone else. Therefore, NTA decided to improve the system and alert institutions of such fraud. So it decided to monitor candidates,” said a ministry official.
The official said after registration, NTA matches the images of candidates with those of previous years’ toppers. “There may be repeat candidates but their details will remain the same. However, based on AI algorithms, we found that there are 56 such candidates whose image matches with someone from the top 20,000 of either 2019 or 2020 exams, but their credentials were different,” said the official.
Barring the images, other details such as the candidate’s name, date of birth or father’s name don’t match with the previous years’ high scorers.
Thereafter, NTA conducted a manual verification. NTA sources said a day ahead of the exams, it alerted the centre officials where these 56 candidates were scheduled to take the test. The centres were asked to take live images and identification documents at the time of entry. At the end of the exams, these are to be passed on to the NTA headquarters.
A ministry official said the institutions can verify with NTA during admission. “Post declaration of results in May, NTA is likely to pass on these cases to the institutions for verification. If the images in the registration form, admit card do not match with the candidate, necessary action can be initiated,” he said.

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