Union minister Smiriti Irani debunks claims of lockdown leading to increase in domestic violence

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Smiriti Irani National president mahila morch BJP addresses during a election rally at Shimla on Monday


Union Minister Smriti Irani

has debunked


that the coronavirus-induced


led to an increase in cases of domestic violence against women. Replying to a question that the lockdown has increased domestic violence and women are not being able to even lodge complaints, Irani retorted: "It is false. Every state has a police line functioning. We have one stop crisis centres across every district of every state".
"I without revealing the faces and names of women that we have rescued, have state by state, district by district rescue rehabilitation details of every individual victim," she said on Sunday.
The minister for Women and

Child Development

and Textiles said there was some "scaremongering done especially with some development partners who are in the NGO sector that 80 per cent of women who are now at homes in India or across the world will be getting beaten up".
She said every man is not beating up the woman in his house in India.
"Our police lines have been functional throughout the lockdown. Our crisis centres have been functional throughout the lockdown," said the minister.
Irani said rescue and rehabilitation facilities have been provided not only for women but also children.
"In fact, so far as the


go, I have 35 helpline numbers across all states apart from a central number that has been functioning fully throughout the lockdown period," said the minister.
She was addressing a TiE talk event hosted through a virtual platform on Sunday night.

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