Uninstall 52 Chinese apps from phones, UP STF tells its men

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NOIDA: Within a day of intelligence agencies flagging 52 Chinese apps for potential security breach, the

Uttar Pradesh

Special Task Force (STF) has asked its officers and employees to uninstall these apps from their phones and those of their family members.
“The ministry of home affairs has advised against the use of these apps. All these apps are Chinese and there is a possibility of theft of your personal and other data,” the order says, along with a list of the 52 apps. That includes


(the top free

Android app

as of Friday), UC Browser (the 6th most downloaded Android communication app), Clash of Kings (the 8th top grossing Android app), ShareIt (4th most downloaded Android tool).
There are communication apps like WeChat, default apps on


phones (Mi Community, Mi Store, Mi Video Call) and short video platforms like LIKE and


on the list. IG (STF) Amitabh


, who has issued the order, told TOI that while the instructions were verbal initially, a written order has now been issued to all officers.
“We issued the internal order because we deal with sensitive information which the local police do not always have. We may be the first department to have issued it,” he said. Local police, for now, have no such orders. “We have not received such orders so far. This is only for STF officers,” a civil police officer said.

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