Uber rolls out an ‘On Demand’ cash-out feature for its driver partners: Here’s what it means

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Ride hailing service Uber has announced a new feature to support its drivers partners that will help allow them to cash out their earnings any day of the week.
Called On Demand cash-out, this feature is there for driver partners across


, Auto and cars. Courtesy this, drivers will be able to cash out their earnings any day of the week, once they’ve earned a minimum amount of Rs 200.
Speaking about the initiative, Pavan Vaish, Head of Supply & Driver Operations,

Uber India

SA, said “Drivers drive our business, and we have always said there is no Uber without drivers. Supporting the driver community has never been more important than now. To help drivers in these challenging times, we’ve rolled-out an ‘On Demand cash-out feature’ which allows them the flexibility to cash out at any day of the week, instead of waiting for their weekly cash outs. Drivers on the Uber platform have always gone the extra mile for us, and we will continue to appreciate their hard work by making driving with Uber a more rewarding experience for them.”
Recently, Uber launched PIN-dispatch feature at Delhi’s

Indira Gandhi International airport

. The feature seeks to cut down the wait time for the travelers and is aimed to offer a seamless pickup experience. It will give riders a one-time six-digit PIN on requesting a trip, which will be used to match them to the first rider available at the pickup zone.
Riders will be required to share this six-digit PIN with the driver, who will input the one-time numeric code into the app to begin the ride. For additional verification and checks, riders will also receive the driver and vehicle details.

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