Two Argentinian couples win 2021 Buenos Aires Tango World Cup

4 weeks ago 15
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Celebrations began for Tango dancing couples in Argentina as the champions of the Buenos Aires Tango World Cup were crowned.

Emmanuel Casal and Yanina Muzyka came first in the stage category on Saturday night, one of the most flamboyant styles in which each couple try to showcase their unique personal and innovative version of the dance.

Agustin Agnez and Barbara Ferreyra won the salon category.

Salon tango is danced at milongas, nightclubs dedicated to the Buenos Aires iconic dance, where dancers move forward together throughout the song drawing an imaginary circle around the dance floor.

Argentinian couple – male dancers Federico Carrizo and Juan Segui – claimed second place in the stage category.

This year’s edition marked the comeback of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Cup after 2020’s online version of the competition.

The Tango, a musical genre that includes dance, music, poetry and singing was declared in 2009 an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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