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NEW DELHI: Students and academicians took to social media on Tuesday to condemn the latest guidelines for foreigners enrolled in online courses in

US universities

which drew strong reactions from several quarters terming the rules discriminatory, cruel and "a policy aimed at deporting people".
As per the latest guidelines, international students enrolled in ‘fully’ online courses in US universities cannot stay in the country and risk deportation. The only way out for them is if their schools make way for a 'hybrid model' which includes on-campus activities in addition to online classes. OR students can opt for a transfer to a different university which provides a hybrid model for same courses.
Students underlined that classes were being conducted online due to Covid-19 pandemic but now the implications will be felt by the immigrants. Others spoke about the measures being unfair as the foreign students community is a significant contributor to the US economy.
Rallying behind the hashtag #studentban, here is what the Twitterati said:

Academics really need to pay attention to what's happening with regards to international students right now. My exp…

— kritikaldesi (@kritikaldesi) 1594070213000

The #StudentBan is expected to effect up to 1 million International students in the United States. 1 million people…

— George Scott (@George_Scott_96) 1594103039000

People complain about immigrants coming to this country to cause chaos but when these students are paying taxes and…

— I_G_Z (@enclave2020) 1594109553000

Classes are online becauee of covid but yeah let's take it out on foirgner students who cant even go back to their…

— Alice (@stelledair) 1594107076000

fyi, thank us. #studentban #ice

— Aditya Lindson (@adityalindson) 1594103504000

The America I accepted as real wouldn't tolerate an unrepentant racist at its helm.That America is dead.Our leade…

— John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) 1594124633000

International students bring in universities so much money since they pay more than in-State and sometimes even mor…

— Audilio Herrera (@aj_lio) 1594107516000

This is obscene, cruel, and extremely xenophobic. If universities are forced to go online for public safety, F-1 an…

— Hayley Fisher (@hayfish24) 1594099945000

#StudentBan I thought i came here to study in America. Not Nazi germany! How is it my problem that a pandamic unfol…

— . (@iwnnabelieve) 1594119892000

Moronic. Destructive. Embarrassing. Cruel. Shortsighted. Financially injurious. Reputationally harmful. Directly be…

— Ray Abruzzi (@rayabruzzi) 1594124718000
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