Twitter starts rolling out reply-limiting feature to all users

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has started rolling out its reply-limiting feature for everyone. This means that Twitter users will now be able to control who can reply to your tweets. In a blogpost the company mentions that with this new feature it aims to give more control to the people over their conversations.
With this new feature in place, you will have the ability to choose who can reply to your tweets and join in your conversation. These new conversation settings are available to everyone using Twitter, across




, and
In an official post, the company said, “Sometimes people are more comfortable talking about what’s happening when they can choose who can reply. Starting today, everyone will be able to use these settings so unwanted replies don’t get in the way of meaningful conversations.”
Here’s how the feature works
Before sending a tweet, you will get three options to choose who can reply to your tweet. You have to select from everyone, people you follow or only the people you mention. Once you have finalised the setting, then you can compose your


and click on the Tweet tab to post it.
It is also important to note that people who can’t reply will still be able to view, Retweet, Retweet with Comment, like, and share your Tweets. Also, once you’ve published a Tweet, you cannot change the reply settings of that particular Tweet.
Twitter started testing this feature in May and found out that people felt safer and it also led to more meaningful conversations, while still allowing people to see different points of view.

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