Twitter Faceoff: Racially discriminated and cyberbullied at Oxford, Indian student draws support

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NEW DELHI. The issue of racism against Indian student

Rashmi Samant

, who had to step down as


University Student’s union president and face bullying and harassment incited in part by Indian-origin postdoctoral history researcher

Abhijit Sarkar

, is generating a lot of talk on social media.

As per the latest development, the

United Kingdom

police and Oxford University have commenced investigations after receiving complaints about the bullying of 22-year-old Samant, whose case was raised in the Indian Parliament.

The entire episode has drawn a lot of opinions on social media with many expressing their support for Samant.

The reality is we have a 22-year-old Indian student who has paid £24,000 to fulfil a dream and study a masters at O…

— Naomi Canton (@naomi2009) 1616455346000

Racism & bullying of #RashmiSawant, which made her quit as president-elect of #OxfordUnion, being investigated by B…

— Minhaz Merchant (@MinhazMerchant) 1616486970000

Rashmi Samant was so traumatised when she got back to India after a torrent of online abuse at Oxford that she was…

— Naomi Canton (@naomi2009) 1616458480000

'Oxford no longer safe for women of color'

@naomi2009 @thebritishhindu The truth is that Oxford has failed in providing a safe learning environment to its stu…

— Nidhi (@SanataniBharat1) 1616481780000

Ashamed that my alma mater #Oxford is no longer considered safe by a woman of colour and by a cultural minority tha…

— Sanjeev Sanyal (@sanjeevsanyal) 1616483272000



is rampant, specially in foreign universities'

The case of #RashmiSamant, who was forced to resign as president of Oxford Union by a campaign of vilification led…

— Minhaz Merchant (@MinhazMerchant) 1616386876000

'Lot of misinformation being circulated to target Samant'

In my time as a journalist covering UK-Indian affairs never have I seen a story as misreported as this one covering…

— Naomi Canton (@naomi2009) 1616455285000

This thread echoes concern of Indian parents who send their kids abroad for studies

My biggest concern as a mother is the manner in which Rashmi Samant is being bullied relentlessly first by students…

— Sahana Singh (@singhsahana) 1616426026000

Demand for sacking Sarkar grew with many tweeting with hashtag #DismissAbhijitSarkar

This is not the first time, his social media is full of anti Hindu comments. #DismissAbhijitSarkar…

— INSIGHT_UK (@INSIGHTUK2) 1616066248000

Here’s double standards for you! Prof Adam Habib was suspended at his new job at Univ of London after he used the N…

— Sahana Singh (@singhsahana) 1616091547000

Meanwhile, a Twitter account by Oxford Indian Society issued a statement denying that Samant was forced to step down because of her religion or Hinduphobia.

Joint Statement by the Oxford India Society, Oxford Hindu Society & Oxford South Asian Society to Address the Recen…

— Oxford India Society (@oxfordind) 1616351508000

While some backed the statement, others accused them of virtue-signalling

This series of vicious virtue-signaling by the @oxfordind clearly shows that Imperialism is alive and kicking. Colo…

— SkandaGupta (@gupta_skanda) 1616473098000
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