Twitter Faceoff: Clash of views on Delhi bill passed in parliament

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NEW DELHI. The contentious Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021 that gives some over-riding powers to the Lieutenant Governor over the elected state government was passed in the

Rajya Sabha

on Wednesday with an 83-45 vote amid ruckus by several opposition parties.

The law, which may face a fresh legal challenge from the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, establishes the status of the LG as in any other UT, equating the ‘government’ in Delhi with the LG.
The passage of the bill in both the houses of parliament evoked mixed reactions on micro-blogging platform Twitter. While some said the bill takes away the power of elected government, others emphasized that Delhi is a city and seat of central government and hence cannot afford two parallel power structures.

How Easily Modi Govt brought an Unconstitutional #GNCTDBill & got it Passed is Scary for our Nation !

— Aarti (@aartic02) 1616606012000

The very problematic #GNCTDBill passed in upper house without being sent to a select committee. We are really allow…

— Saba Naqvi (@_sabanaqvi) 1616604568000

'Now AAP government can't interfere with law and order'

People were saying demeaning things about Modi Government & cribbing that BJP can’t manage law & order of New Delhi…

— Upasana Singh (@uppuSSinghh) 1616605485000

'Delhi needs a mayor not a CM'

Delhi is a CITY. It's not a state. It should have a Mayor to looks after issues like sanitation etc. Rest should be…

— Rahul Kaushik (@kaushkrahul) 1616603577000

AAP MLA Atishi termed the bill 'unconstitutional' and said BJP was scared of CM

Arvind Kejriwal

's model.

Sad day for Indian democracy as the Parliament passes the unconstitutional GNCTD Amendment bill that takes away the…

— Atishi (@AtishiAAP) 1616603257000

'Delhi needs

Kiran Bedi

for betterment'

Now BJP Should appoint Kiran bedi as LG of delhi and the time of assembly election make her face of CM for betterme…

— Shubham Sharma (@shubhaihum) 1616604417000

'Repeat of Kashmir'

It didn't stop with Kashmir. It won't stop with Delhi. #GNCTDBill passed!

— Asmita Nandy (@NandyAsmita) 1616603925000

'Tax payers money will not be wasted now'

Congratulations Delhi. Now Kejriwal won’t be able to do “aiyaashi” on tax payers money. Now Kejriwal won’t be abl…

— Punit Agarwal (@Punitspeaks) 1616619459000

'Betrayal of Delhi voters'

Rajya Sabha passes the #GNCTDBill One single person, who did not stand for any elections, is now technically the…

— Dhruv Rathee 🇮🇳 (@dhruv_rathee) 1616605382000

'India is an electoral autocracy'

Few Days ago Swedish Institute reports called India an Electoral AutocracyToday Modi Govt passed #GNCTDBill and s…

— Nehr_who? (@Nher_who) 1616602872000

Old clippings of Kejriwal where he promised on

Times Now

that he would never join politics went viral again

Blast from the past 😂#GNCTDBill #ChaprasiKejriwal#BlackDayForDemocracy

— Chirag (@igot10on10) 1616609647000
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