Twitch removes 7.5 million bot accounts, brings down follower and viewer counts

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Game streaming platform


has started axing over 7.5 million bot accounts that were behind increasing the follower and

viewer counts

of streamers. The Amazon-owned game platform tweeted about the same. It has said that the accounts are being removed and Twitch users “may see sudden decreases in your follower and viewer count over the coming days." On account of this, many game


have seen drops in their

follower counts


🛡️ We have been monitoring the rise of fake engagement on Twitch and have identified 7.5MM+ accounts that break our…

— Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) 1618419862000

To quote an example of how steep the drops are, xQc, one of the most popular streamers on the platform, lost about 2.2 million followers overall, plummeting from 8.1 million to 5.9 million, as per a report by Engadget. Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris, another streamer reportedly lost 2.8 million followers, a drop of 45% in his total count of followers. On the flip side, some streamers have gained also over the last week.


stand accused of causing “view-botting” and “follow-botting”, both of which are responsible for jacking up the number of viewers and followers of a particular account respectively. Boosting the follower and viewer counts increase the chances of a particular channel getting recognised on the streaming platform as a popular one. While Twitter intends to take punitive legal action against the viewer bot sellers on the platform, it has also said that it will not “punish users who are victims of bot attacks.”

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