Top 5 coronavirus-hit cities account for nearly 50% of India's Covid-19 cases

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India is the fourth top country globally with the highest number of Covid-19 cases. With 308,993 total cases, India trails countries like the US, Brazil and Russia.

A massive chunk of India’s Covid-19 cases come from Maharashtra, around 32 percent. Maharashtra has over one lakh Covid-19 cases, and when clubbed with Tamil Nadu’s tally, the two states account for over 45 percent of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Top Covid-19 affected cities come the top-hit states. Mumbai, Pune and Thane in Maharashtra, Delhi, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Jaipur in Rajasthan are among the cities with high Covid-19 cases in the country. Together, Covid-19 cases in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Thane account for nearly half of the national Covid-19 tally.

Top Covid-19 cities in India


India’s financial capital accounts for over half of the Covid-19 cases reported in the state. It is also the worst-hit city in the country. With 55,451 cases, Mumbai’s tally is higher than most the total number of cases reported in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Egypt, the UAE, among others. Over 2,000 people have died from coronavirus in the city.


The national capital has been struggling with a high incidence of Covid-19 cases. In Delhi, the Covid-19 tally rose to 36,824 on Saturday, 13,398 patients have recovered here while 1,214 have died due to coronavirus.


The city has reported over 27,000 Covid-19 cases which is around 70 percent of total Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu. As of Saturday, the number of coronavirus cases in the state stood at 40,698.


Another cities from worst-hit state, Maharashtra. Thane as reported over 16,000 Covid-19 cases. More than 400 people have succumbed to death here.


The city is the major contributor of Covid-19 cases in the state tally, accounting for nearly 16,000 cases till date. On Saturday, Gujarat’s coronavirus tally jumped to 22,527, the state has seen 1,415 Covid-19 fatalities so far.


Pune is Maharashtra third-worst Covid-19 city with over 11,000 cases. The Covid-19 death toll here stands at 459.


One of the top Covid-19 hotspots in Madhya Pradesh, Indore accounts to nearly 4,000 of state’s total 10,443 coronavirus cases.

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