Tooter: All you need to go about new Desi Twitter ‘rival’

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If you have been hearing about the Swadeshi social media platform called


and not clear what exactly it is, here’s help. The platform is a Desi version of microblogging platform


. It can be accessed both through the web and app. However, so far it is only on Android phones and not there on Apple’s App Store.
“Tooter is a Swadeshi

social network

. You can create an account on Tooter and post short messages, called Toots which can contain text, pictures, videos etc. You can follow and be followed by other users. When users that you follow post Toots, these are visible on your timeline. You can get notifications when you are mentioned in a Toot, you received a reply to your Toot etc. You can control the events that send you notifications as well,” says the app’s description on Play Store..
Android smartphone users can download the app from Google Play Store. As per the Play Store, Tooter so far has over 1,000 downloads and an average rating of 3.5. This means the app still has a long way to go in terms of users.
What you can do on Tooter
Wondering what you can do on Tooter? Almost all that you can do on Twitter. The platform in terms of design and layout too looks quite similar to Twitter. The colour scheme is the same, so-called verified profiles too come with Blue tick. Tooter, however, does not make it clear how it verifies a profile and how they get Blue ticks. All it says is users can get verified accounts on Tooter by becoming a Tooter Pro user. The process is not listed on the platform.
Tooter users can like, comment and repost other people’s posts which are called Toots.’ They will see Toots of users they follow. These toots can include text, pictures, videos etc.
On signup page, the platform requires users to use a Gmail or Yahoo account, the reason for the same is not specified. Once you create an account, you will automatically ‘follow’ two accounts — called ‘News’ and Tooter’s CEO Nanda, which you can unfollow if you want.

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