Those with mild colour blindness eligible for driving licence now

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NEW DELHI: Now, people with


or moderate colour blindness can obtain a driving licence after undergoing the Ishihara chart test and passing the practical test. Ishihara is the most well-known colour blindness test.

road transport ministry

has modified

the Central Motor Vehicle Rules

to enable such citizens to have the right to drive a vehicle. Officials said only those with severe colour blindness would be barred for applying for a driving licence.
TOIon March 13 had first reported the ministry’s plan after a team of experts from AIIMS had recommended modification in norms. A colour blind person finds it difficult to distinguish between different colours. The ministry’s move came after it received representations that people with colour blindness were unable to get driving licence even if they met all the criteria other than identifying colours. Moreover, restrictions with respect to declaration of an applicant’s physical fitness or medical certificate were big roadblocks.
The ministry said, “The issue was taken up with medical expert institution and advice was sought. The recommendations were to allow mild to medium colour blind citizens to be allowed to drive and put restrictions only on severe colour blind citizens from driving.”

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