'This is what a failed lockdown looks like': Rahul claims India mistimed lockdown,...

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi again questioned centre’s handling of the coronavirus crisis on Friday while alleging that the imposition of lockdown to contain the rise of Covid-19 infections and the subsequent phase-wise unlocking to revive economic activity has been ill-timed. He posted graphs purportedly demonstrating that some of the other worst-hit countries in the west had timed their lockdown and its easing, much better than India.

There was a single line comment from Rahul accompanying the graphs, which said, “This is what a failed lockdown looks like.”

Rahul’s tweet on Friday cited examples from Spain, Germany, Italy and UK to allege that India had mistimed lockdown and the easing of restrictions two months later. According to worldometers.com data, Spain currently has over 288,000 cases of coronavirus patients, UK has more than 283,000 cases, Italy has in excess of 234,000 cases and Germany has over 185,000 positive cases, compared to India’s 226,770 cases as per the data released by the health ministry on Friday.

However, unlike India, the number of new cases in these countries appears to have slowed down considerably.

According to the current data available on worldometres.com at Friday midnight India time, Spain, Italy and Germany had reported less than 1000 cases in 24 hours, while the UK had reported over 1,600 fresh cases. Health ministry’s Friday briefing put India’s new cases number at 9,851.

This is not the first time that Rahul has questioned the efficacy of the lockdown, he had asked the central government to explain the roadmap ahead in a tweet on May 26 while claiming that it had failed its purpose.

“The prime minister claimed two months ago while announcing the lockdown that India will defeat Corona in 21 days. More than 60 days have passed and the number of patients is increasing with each passing day. Lockdown has not been able to defeat this virus. I have a straight question from the government- What is the plan ahead,” he had tweeted.

Union minister Prakash Javadekar had responded to Rahul’s claim the same day and said that he had given a wrong statement.

“He gave a wrong statement, I want to tell him, when the lockdown was imposed the doubling rate of infection was three days; now the infection takes 13 days to double. This is India’s success and everyone’s success,” Javadekar said on May 26.

The health ministry, too, had said recently that India’s place among the countries with most number of cases was not a fair criterion to judge the success of New Delhi’s containment efforts. He had cited India’s low mortality rate and infection rate in comparison with 14 worst affected countries with a combined population similar to India.

BJP President JP Nadda, too, hit out at Rahul on May 30 and claimed that the Congress leader had a limited understanding of “these issues” and his statements were aimed at politicizing issues instead of addressing the crisis.

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