Thirteen Young and Contemporary Jewelry Brands to Know

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During the pandemic, it seems shoppers headed the advice to invest in gold. This past year, the jewelry industry managed steady sales because jewelry (unlike bags, shoes, or even trousers) has been viewed as a worthy investment. And it’s not just the big names in jewelry that are finding success—a younger, contemporary crop of designers and brands are making a name for themselves. We’re familiar with the dazzle of Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels, and we know to shop independent jewelry brands like Jennifer Fisher, Foundrae, and Allison Lou for their hoops and medallion necklace parts, but, as of late, other labels are catching our eye.

Below, we introduce you to some names worth knowing in the jewelry world; from Panconesi’s gravity-defying earrings to Marlo Laz’s new heirlooms, these thirteen jewelry brands are worth a closer look.

Bea Bongiasca

Image courtesy of Bea Bongiasca

Milan-based Bea Bongiasca launched her namesake brand in 2013 shortly after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Her colorful enamel and stone pieces are fun, stackable, and full of personality.

product image

Bea Bongiasca asymmetrical vine baby hoops

product image

Bea Bongiasca double octagon tendril ring

 Bomb, Weapon, Weaponry, and Dynamite

Bea Bongiasca baby vine tendril enamel, gold and peridot ring

product image

Bea Bongiasca 9-karat gold, sterling silver, and enamel earringsPanconesi

Image courtesy of Panconesi

Paris-based Marco Panconesi launched his eponymous line after cutting his teeth designing accessories (for Givenchy and Balenciaga) and then jewelry (for Fendi, Peter Pilotto, and Fenty). He launched his modern sculptural line in 2019 and his collections are a mix of gravity-defying swirling hoops and colorful crystal climber-esque ear cuffs.

product image

Panconesi gold vermeil layered hoop earrings

product image

Panconesi gold zircon drop earrings


Panconesi gold xxl Colonnato upside-down hoop earrings

product image

Panconesi silver-tone crystal body chainCompletedworks

Image courtesy of Completedworks

Completedworks is a modern and self-described “reductive” line of demifine and fine jewelry founded by London-based Anna Jewsbury. Jewsbury’s “golden scrunchie” earrings became a celebrity favorite last summer and her stark and simple designs—using primarily recycled materials—have earned her a spot on this year’s shortlist for the British Fashion Council’s Vogue Designer Fashion Fund.

 Food, Bread, Confectionery, and Sweets

Completedworks gold scrunch earrings

product image

Completedworks gold topaz flow earrings

product image

Completedworks thread earrings

product image

Completedworks Delights of an Undirected Mind earringsAgmes

Sister-founded jewelry brand Agmes features mainly silver and gold pieces inspired by art and architecture. The simple yet bold forms are made of mostly recycled materials and scrap metals, resulting in a collection that is impactful without being overpowering.

product image

Agmes sterling silver and lapis earrings

product image

Agmes small sculpted heart pendant necklace

product image

product image

Agmes Cara silver onyx ringMarlo Laz

Image courtesy of Marlo Laz

New York-based Jesse Marlo Lazowski founded Marlo Laz in 2014 after years honing a fascination and understanding of jewelry stemming from an inherited brooch and extended trip to India to work with local artisans. Lazowski’s pieces are modern talismans with plenty of brightly colored fine gemstones.

product image

Marlo Laz mini Porte Bonheur coin 14-karat gold, enamel and sapphire necklace

product image

Marlo Laz open spiked heart earrings

product image

Marlo Laz baroque pearl drop earrings

 Bracelet, Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Cuff

Marie Lichtenberg

Image courtesy of Marie Lichtenberg

Longtime Parisian fashion editor, Marie Lichtenberg, left the magazine world to start her own jewelry collection inspired by her Creole heritage. Dainty chains and colorful lockets evoke 18th century pendants while her collection of colorful thread pieces can be traced to a trip she took to India.

product image

Marie Lichtenberg baby lucky star diamond and 14kt gold charm

 Bracelet, Jewelry, Accessories, and Accessory

Marie Lichtenberg Sari cord and 9kt gold charm bracelet

product image

Marie Lichtenberg short African beaded necklace

product image

Marie Lichtenberg candy heart garnet, beads, and 14kt gold necklaceL’Enchanteur

Photographed by Nadine Ijewere, Vogue, December 2020

Identical twin sisters Dynasty and Soull Ogun create L’Enchanteur as an eclectic way of illustrating their childhood: “[Our upbringing] really inspired the way that we look at the world,” Soull told Vogue last year. “We design telling our story of growing up.” Their—mainly gold—pieces are celebrity and editor favorites.

product image

L’Enchanteur Phoenyx Rising lapis lazuli cameo ring

 Face, and Text

L’Enchanteur Face Your Fears earrings

product image

L’Enchanteur Scry amulet necklace

product image

L’Enchanteur sunburst godhead earringsEéra

After a chance find of a vintage snap hook in a market in Tokyo, two friends—Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga—transformed the item into jewelry and started their brand Eéra. The Milan-based duo took the minimal original design and morphed it into pavé-diamond-encrusted links for bracelets or fluorescent dangles on earrings.

product image

EÉRA 18k white gold Chiara earring

 Bracelet, Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Necklace

EÉRA Lucy white gold silver diamond choker

product image

EÉRA 18k yellow and white gold double-eye earring

product image

EÉRA Carey 18k gold diamond earringKhiry

Photographed by Campbell Addy, Vogue, September 2018

Jameel Mohammed started his jewelry brand Khiry while studying political science at the University of Pennsylvania. His Brooklyn-based brand artistically tackles imagery of the African diaspora and incorporates contemporary design almost exclusively in gold. His most recent collection for Net-a-Porter is his first foray into fine jewelry and includes diamonds and fine gemstones in pieces in more petite sizes.

product image

Khiry fine mask 18-karat gold diamond earrings

product image

product image

Khiry fine Horus 18-karat gold, emerald and diamond bracelet

product image

Khiry fine nude 18-karat gold cuffSVNR

Photographed by Ethan James Green, Vogue, May 2020

A Brooklyn-based colorful jewelry brand created by former public relations director Christina Tung, SVNR was born with two strong tenets: sustainable manufacturing and conscious consumption. Tung handmakes each piece with upcycled—and often colorful—materials, and the resulting work looks like the most fabulous keepsake found on holiday in a faraway locale.

product image

Svnr Cinqueterre multicolored stone and shell necklace

 Accessories, Accessory, Locket, Pendant, and Jewelry

Svnr Sonora turquoise earring

product image

Svnr Positano pearl and multicolored stone earrings

product image

Svnr Thimpu porcelain and pearl earringFrancesca Villa

Image courtesy of Francesca Villa

After years behind the scenes in fine jewelry, Italian Francesca Villa started her eponymous label. Each piece of her jewelry line incorporates a found vintage artifact: poker chips, intaglios, bingo numbers, etc. Her collection is full of pieces that are charming and eclectic.

product image

Francesca Villa vintage yellow chip pendant necklace

 Gold, and Trophy

Francesca Villa Easy Living citrine & 18kt gold drop

 Human, Person, Bracelet, Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Key

Francesca Villa vintage trinket charm bracelet

 Text, Number, and Symbol

Francesca VIlla What?! ruby and 18kt gold ringSophie Buhai

Image courtesy of Sophie Buhai

Sophie Buhai’s clean and modern approach to jewelry essentials makes her a stylist-favorite. The L.A.-based designer’s minimal designs are mostly silver and gold with a few pearls and stones like malachite and lapis.

product image

Sophie Buhai Barbara gold vermeil chain bracelet

product image

Sophie Buhai gold ball drop earrings

product image

Sophie Buhai silver Roman chain necklace

product image

Sophie Buhai Everyday Egg pendantAlmasika

Image courtesy of Almasika

London-born Catherine Sarr’s fine jewelry brand Almasika is inspired in part by the body’s soft curves and flowing lines. The collection is full of undulating timeless gold and diamond pieces that defy trends.

 Coil, and Spiral

Almasika Universum ruby cocktail ring


Almasika Universum 18-karat gold diamond earrings

product image

Almasika Le Cauri shell tennis bracelet

product image

Almasika Universum medallion 18-karat gold diamond necklace
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