Thirsty girl enters house, is ‘raped’, killed and buried

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NEW DELHI: After working on a farm in UP’s


last Thursday with her


and elder sister all day, the 14-year-old girl was exhausted. She wanted water. The girl had a mild speech impairment, stammering while she spoke, but she knew a family that lived nearby.
After she entered the house, the girl was allegedly raped and strangled by


(22), a labourer, when she tried to resist, and dumped in a pit. Five days later when


went to question him, they found the house locked. A cop scaled the wall and landed on loose, soft mud. When they dug a little deep, they found the girl’s body — naked, strangled and brutalised.
Harendra was arrested from


, where he had fled, on Wednesday.
Accused held from Shimla, admits to crime
Last Thursday, when the girl didn’t return home in two hours, her mother and sister went looking for her. Harendra was found lying inebriated on a cot. No one else was home. They couldn’t find out much. They again went to Harendra’s house on Sunday. It was locked.
Her father, a marginal farmer, then approached the Anupshahr police station to register a missing person case. On Tuesday, police took him along to question Harendra. “He worked as a labourer in Delhi and had come for a few days,” Anupshahr SHO Ram Sen Singh said. No one answered the door. One cop scaled the wall to enter the premises. By this time, Harendra had fled. “We detained his father and put Harendra’s number under surveillance,” he said. “It turned out he was in Shimla.” A police team was sent from UP to arrest him. Police said he was arrested on Wednesday, adding that he has confessed to the murder.

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