These 4 eyeshadow looks make a statement (and don’t include a traditional cat-eye!)

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While there’s nothing like a sharp cat-eye, it’s not for the faint of heart. One missed step, and you have to start from scratch. Plus, it can get boring, especially if it’s your go-to (paired with a red lip!) on a regular night out. This is your cue to try something different—use a fun colour, apply eyeshadow with your fingertips, and don’t be afraid to experiment with formulas or shades you wouldn’t normally pick. Here are 4 eyeshadow looks you can add to your repertoire now.

Try coloured mascara

It might not be the most obvious pick, but if you’re looking to play up your eyes without dealing with a cat-eye, a bright shade on your lashes could really make a statement. Coloured, waterproof mascara is the perfect makeup option for when you’re going to be attending a pool party or a long night out—it won’t run, smudge or bun. Since it is so bold—you can pick colours like bright blue, purple or green—you can pair it with a simple lip, glowing skin and not much else.

Make a cat-eye with your eyeshadow

You don’t need to use a simple black eyeliner to experiment with fun colours. If you’d like to make a strong shape, take makeup artist Marika D'Auteuil’s cue: “Draw the outline of the desired shape first with a pencil (skin-coloured or the colour you’re using) and then paint it in with the pigment you want. Then, clean the edges with q-tips and micellar water,” she says. When it comes to prepping, she likes using a primer (Urban Decay Magic Potion is her favourite) and then uses powder eyeshadow and really presses it into the skin with fingers or a brush. She likes cream formulas too, but they may crease when it gets too hot or humid, which may not work for such a sharp cat-eye shape.

Use complementary colours

You don’t have to use just one bold colour when you’re using bright pigments. “I like to play with complementary colours—they will always draw attention,” says D'Auteuil. “You can mix blues with oranges, violet with yellow-green, red with green, etc.”

Try a glossy eye

The glossy eye is super popular, but it may not be the easiest look to pull off. Sonam Chandna Sagar, who works with Khushi Kapoor shares the method she uses, so you can get it right. “I start with a base layer of a waterproof cream eyeshadow and blend it all over the eyes until I get the desired intensity. Then, I go with a lip gloss and apply it close to the lash line, and blend it into the crease. Keep the gloss away from the inner corner, as that can cause itching and thus smudging,” she says.

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