There’s a new online delivery scam that you need to be careful about

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If you get a call or SMS from a

courier delivery service

or a company shipping your online order be very careful about what you say or do. A new online delivery scam is here in which you will get a mail or SMS from a delivery company. The message will claim that you have a pending courier delivery and the package couldnt be delivered on time due to the lockdown.
Now, that the lockdown due to coronavirus is over, the delivery company will try to give you the package. However, in order to do so, the scammers will ask you for your personal details and may even charge you a minor delivery fee as well that is needed to be paid online.
The catch here is that the moment you click on the link to make the payment for your delivery, your internet banking or credit card details get stolen. Usually, the delivery fee is kept very less like something around Rs 10 to 20, so that you are curious to see what package is about to arrive and you immediately pay the fee.
This type of scam was earlier reported by


but it seems scammers are using names of other courier companies as well. For example, a fake message could read like: “Hi, Ajay, your FEDEX package with tracking code IC-2972-6791-MN89 is waiting for you to set delivery preferences <URL>.” On clicking the URL, you will be directed to a malicious website which would ask for your personal and banking details. This personal information gets stolen and attackers then try to steal money from your bank account using the details you have shared, like in any classic


Sometimes, in order to make the email or SMS sound legit, the scammer may write a personalised message with your name, phone number and house address. Note that once a courier service is booked or you have purchased something online and there is delay in delivery, you are not required to provide any personal information in a separate form or pay extra money for the same.

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