The new ‘TikTok scam’ that you must know

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After the government banned


along with 58 other popular apps of Chinese origin in India, miscreants are now taking advantage of the popularity of TikTok by promoting


instead. If you come across any message through


or SMS that claims that TikTok is now available in India in the form of

TikTok Pro

, then simply ignore it.
While the official TikTok app continues to remain blocked in India, cybercriminals are spreading a malware called

TikTok Pro through SMS

and WhatsApp texts. The message reads, “'Enjoy Tiktok video and create creative videos once again. Now TikTok is only available in (TikTok Pro) then download from below.” This message has a link to download the TikTok Pro APK file.

After you download this app, the icon appears as the original TikTok app and asks for permissions to camera, image gallery, mic and others. But after you provide these permissions, the app doesn’t function and simply stays on your phone. As it’s not available on Google Play and you will have to download the APK file to install it, apps like these can easily steal user IDs of other popular social media accounts.
Recently, at least 25 Android apps were removed from Google Play store after cybersecurity firm Evina alerted Google that these apps were stealing


login details of users. These 25 apps had a total of over 2 million downloads and mostly offered services like file managers, flashlight, wallpaper management, screenshot editor and weather. The apps came with a malware which kept a record of your Facebook login details when you used them on your phone.
It is highly recommended that users do not download any APK files that mimic services of TikTok or any other popular apps that were recently banned by the government as these can be malware in disguise.

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