The 15 Thong Sandals For Warm Summer Days and Nights

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Since nail salons first closed back in March, I have been shoving my feet into socks, loafers and sneakers — a strategy designed to shield my loved ones from the increasingly ghastly sight of my toes. This worked well in transitional weather, but with each day growing hotter than the last, wearing socks ‘round the clock is getting suspicious. Mid-summer calls for more breathable, skimpier shoes, like thong sandals and strappy heels. And Governor Cuomo announced that nail salons can open in New York City. It’s perfect timing because no matter how many online tutorials I watch, giving myself a pedicure will remain on the list of things I am terrible at.

Nail salons reopening gives me license to dream about all the barely-there pairs I can wear once my terrible toes get a makeover. But of course you don’t need a pedicure to wear a minimalist shoe. These sandals pair so well with beautiful day dresses and hot weather anyways.

From thong sandals to minimalist slip-ons here are the 15 minimalist shoes for the hot days (and nights!) ahead.

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