Teachers' Day 2020: Gifting ideas for your favourite teachers

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Teachers are the bedrock upon which any quality education is built, and they are perhaps one the few people in our lives that rejoice when students outdo them. Teachers have an extremely significant role in society, especially in Hindu mythology where the ‘guru’ is given the same designation as God, even more so than parents.

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In celebration of this, September 5 has been assigned as National Teachers’ Day, and on this occasion students all over the country express their gratitude and respect for their teachers. It is an especially significant day as it also marks the birth anniversary of one of India’s most prolific scholar, philosopher and the second President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, in whose honour this day was designated. For the celebrations of this day, students wish their teachers and give them cards and gifts. To help you celebrate, here is a list of gifting ideas that you can give to your teachers.

• Stationery: This one probably does without saying but is perhaps the most useful gift that you can give to your teachers. This can include a box full of whiteboard markers, or chalks, if they prefer the old school way. From premium fountain pens to penholders, you have a wide range of items to choose from in this category. If you want to go for a more personalised touch, you can shop online from places that specialise in personalisation.

• Teacher’s Tote: Another practical and useful gifting idea is a teacher’s tote. You can choose a handmade, recycled one, or just make one yourself, decorating it with block painting or other such patterns, your teacher will be sure to appreciate your gesture and creativity.

• Flowers: Nothing brings a smile on someone’s face more than receiving flowers on a grey monsoon morning. Whether you are going to school or attending online classes, you can send flowers to your teachers to brighten up their day.

• Homemade earrings/cufflinks: With the latest fashion trends, you can turn almost anything into earrings. Those metal soda and beer caps you have been saving, tiny feathers, extra wool, tassels, beads, and even old laminated stickers, you can make the most unique items to give your teachers.

• Desk Organisers: Even if your teachers are working from home, this gift will surely get you in the good books with them. You can get personalised desk organizer and pen holders all-in-one, with the class picture or a personal one with them.

• Travel Coffee Mug: If early morning classes are hard for you, chances are that they are just as hard for your teachers. Get them a travel tumbler for that early morning coffee. If you give it to them in person, be sure to fill it up with their favourite brew, in advance.

• Tiny Plants/succulents: Teachers are by nature very nurturing and capable of making everything they touch flourish and grow. What better gift could there be for someone like this, if not tiny potted plants. Even colourful succulents can liven up a workspace or bedroom.

• Planners: Teachers usually have a lot on their plate, giving them something that would help them organise their time and work will benefit them greatly and express your gratitude to them in a brilliant fashion as well.

• Good Grades/Attention: This is perhaps the most important gift any student can give their teacher. There is nothing more significant to the teacher other than the success and growth of their students. Your good work bears the fruit of their labour. So, the greatest gift you can give them is your success, attention, and respect.

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