Tawakkalna asks individuals to contact MoH if any health status issue

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Tawakkalna application called on its beneficiaries to communicate with the Ministry of Health (MoH); through its official channels if they encountered any problems related to their health status on the application.

Tawakkalna is also the official Saudi Contact Tracing app approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus and for verifying or providing proof of an individual’s vaccination status and showing current infection or history of infection. It developed by the National Information Center.

The application also issued the clarification on Sunday in the wake of reports of some citizens; and residents facing issues with regard their health status in the platform. There were contradictions in the status that appeared on the platform.

Tawakkalna said in a statement that it retrieves users’ data automatically from the Ministry of Health; and that is without any human intervention. It then appears through the health condition feature on the app. The application said this is the reason for changes appearing in the health status of individuals.

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