Tasattur whistleblowers to get reward equal to 30% of fines

6 months ago 54
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Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce; said that those who tip off about commercial cover up (tasattur) will get rewards amounting to 30 percent of the value of the fines slapped on the violators.

As for the reward for informing about commercial fraud; it would be 25 percent of the fines imposed by a court verdict. The violations in terms of commercial fraud include selling any product; either contaminated or expired or not in conformity with the specifications and standards, he said.

Earlier, the ministry also announced rewards for 19 people who reported violations related to commercial fraud; with a total value amounting to SR123,000.

The ministry regulations also stipulate that financial rewards to whistleblowers of violations of two laws; the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law with an amount equal to 25 percent of the fine. Besides, the Anti-Commercial Concealment Law, with a reward amounting to 30 percent of the fines, after the issuance of court verdict in each case.

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