'Take whatever action you want to': Priyanka Gandhi dares UP govt over Covid-19...

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has dared the Uttar Pradesh government to take whatever action it wants against her, but she will keep highlighting the truth.

“As a public servant my duty is towards the people of Uttar Pradesh, and that duty is to bring the truth in front of them. My duty is not to propagate the government propaganda. Uttar Pradesh government is wasting its time in trying to threaten me. Take whatever action you want to, I will keep highlighting the truth. I am the granddaughter of Indira Gandhi, not an undeclared spokesperson of the BJP like some leaders,” she tweeted in Hindi on Friday.

.. जो भी कार्यवाही करना चाहते हैं, बेशक करें। मैं सच्चाई सामने रखती रहूँगी। मैं इंदिरा गांधी की पोती हूँ, कुछ विपक्ष के नेताओं की तरह भाजपा की अघोषित प्रवक्ता नहीं।..2/2

— Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (@priyankagandhi) June 26, 2020

Gandhi has been attacking the Uttar Pradesh government in various issues, including the spread of the coronavirus disease in the state.

On Sunday, the Congress leader in a Facebook post cited a media report to claim that 57 girls tested positive for coronavirus at the state-run child shelter home in Kanpur, with two girls being “found” pregnant, including one HIV positive.

She had equated the incident with the Muzaffarpur shelter home case in Bihar, where cases of alleged sexual abuse were reported.

The state child rights panel on Thursday issued a notice to Gandhi, asking her to file a reply within three days for her “misleading” comments on the shelter home.

On June 22, Gandhi had tweeted to say that 28 corona patients died is Agra hospital after being admitted in 48 hours. She had also said that the Agra model propagated by the Uttar Pradesh government stands exposed. The Congress leader had attached a news report in her tweet.

Taking cognizance of the tweet, Agra District Magistrate Prabhu Narain Singh on Tuesday asked the Congress general secretary to withdraw the tweet.

But undeterred, Gandhi attacked the Uttar Pradesh government on the same day over the “high” Covid-19 mortality rate in Agra. She said on Twitter that chief minister Yogi Adityanath should clarify within 48 hours who was responsible for “pushing people into these adverse circumstances”.

Tagging a media report, she had said the Covid-19 death rate in Agra was 6.8 per cent, which was higher than Delhi and Mumbai.

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