Suspect in fatal Portland shooting killed by police

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Sept. 4 (UPI) -- Authorities said the man suspected of fatally shooting a far-right activist in Portland, Ore., amid clashes between pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters last weekend has died after being shot by law enforcement attempting to take him into custody.

The U.S. Marshals Service said police attempting to arrest Michael Forest Reinoehl shot him after he pulled a weapon near Olympia, Wash.

"The fugitive task force located Reinoehl in Olympia and attempted to peacefully arrest him," Jurgen R. Soekhoe, a U.S. Marshals spokesman, said in a statement. "Initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers. Task force members responded to the threat and struck the suspect who was pronounced dead at the scene."

Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office told reporters in a media briefing Thursday night that the shooting occurred at around 7 p.m.

Officers from several agencies were in Lacey searching for a suspect when they spotted him leaving an apartment and attempting to enter a vehicle, he said.

Four officers attempted to take him into custody when there was "a confrontation," Brady said.

"The information we have at this time is that the subject was armed. There were shots fired into the vehicle and the subject fled from the vehicle at which time additional shots were fired," he said, adding all four officers discharged their weapons.

It was unknown, he said, if the suspect had fired his weapon.

Brady would not identify the slain man other than describing him as a "known suspect" in his 40s and that a warrant had been issued for his arrest concerning a homicide.

No officers were injured during the shooting, he said.

Reinoehl was sought in connection to the fatal shooting of Aaron J. Danielson, 39, on Aug. 29 during protests in Portland. Danielson was reportedly wearing a hat with the logo of the far-right group Patriot Prayer on it.

Prior to the shooting on Thursday, Reinoehl appeared in an interview published by Vice News in which he seemingly admits to shooting Danielson in self-defense, stating "I had no choice."

"I mean, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color," he said. "But I wasn't going to do that."

On Thursday night, President Donald Trump called for authorities to arrest the man responsible for Danielson's death seemingly in response to the intreview.

"Why aren't the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold-blooded killer of Aaron 'Jay' Daniel son," the president said on Twitter. "Do your job, and do it fast. Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell!"

The shooting on Aug. 29 occurred at around 8:45 p.m. amid a skirmish between a caravan of pro-Trump supports and counter-protesters.

A vehicle rally in support of Trump had been arranged that day and attendees were urged to come armed.

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