Sushmita Sen on her character in Aarya: 'You can't put her under any definition'

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Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen, who is all set to make her comeback after five years with Ram Madhvani’s Aarya, has shared the behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming film. In the 5-minute video, Sushmita, Madhvani and her co-star Chandrachur Singh are seen talking about the lead character Aarya. Sushmita plays the eponymous role in the film.

After a montage of stills from the trailer of Aarya that establish the storyline, Sushmita says in the video, “Actually that’s the thing about Aarya that I love. You can’t put her under any definition. You can’t say she is this or that. She is as raw as any other human emotion.”

Chandrachud Singh, who plays Sushmita’s husband in the film, says, “Aarya is a very strong, powerful woman - a woman of substance. She is person who is capable of doing much more than a man.”

“I was asked to see Penoza. When my wife and I saw it we immediately knew that this is the character we really had to bring onto the screen. For a couple of years, I kept saying I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to adapt it. Around 7 years ago, in a train and I happened to ask the TC of the train ‘what are these flowers which are there outside the window of the train that we were travelling in. He said Oh those are opium seeds. That’s when it occurred to me now I know how to adopt this,” Ram adds.

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Sandeep Modi, co-creator of the film also said about the character of Aarya, “We are playing with the conscience of a woman who is dealing with her own conscience, of what is right and wrong that is primary. She is dealing with family and the idea of can you really trust your family.”

Aarya is set for a digital release on Disney Hotstar on June 19.

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