'Surender Modi': Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at PM over Ladakh standoff with China

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NEW DELHI: Taking a jibe at Prime Minister over the ongoing border conflict with China in Ladakh, Congress leader

Rahul Gandhi

on Sunday said that

Narendra Modi

"is actually Surender Modi".
The former Congress president referred to an article published in Japan Times, which claimed that India's "policy of appeasement" has failed to deter China from adopting an aggressive approach towards India.

"After years of bending over backward to appease China, Modi has received yet another Chinese encroachment on Indian territory. Will this be enough to persuade him to change his approach?" the article wrote.
The article further stated that Narendra Modi's vision is clouded by "naive hope that, by appeasing China, he could reset the bilateral relationship and weaken China’s ties with Pakistan."
On Saturday, the Congress leader had questioned why and where were the Indian soldiers killed if the land, where the "violent face-off" happened, was Chinese territory.
He was responding to PM Modi's statement that Chinese troops did not intrude into the Indian territory.
"PM has surrendered Indian territory to Chinese aggression. If the land was Chinese: 1. Why were our soldiers killed? 2. Where were they killed?" he tweeted.
Reaching out to the nation and the political party leaders, the Prime Minister categorically stated in the all-party meeting on Friday that ''neither is anyone inside our territory nor have any of our posts been captured.''

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