Stringent curbs in Maharashtra from 8pm today to May 1

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MUMBAI: Calling the Covid- 19 situation in the state “frightful,” CM

Uddhav Thackeray

on Tuesday announced stringent restrictions in the state for 15 days starting 8pm on Wednesday. As part of the new curbs, no one—except those engaged in essential services and those exempted—will be allowed to move in

public places

without a valid reason, unless it’s for essential work. Only shops with essentials will be allowed to remain open.
“The war against Covid-19 has begun once again, but this time the situation is worse than last year. And so we are imposing lockdown-like restrictions in the state. I urge the public to treat it like a ‘


curfew’ and follow it strictly,” said Thackeray.
We are not calling it a lockdown, says Uddhav

CM Uddhav




word ‘sancharbandi’ for curfew but said “we’re not calling it a lockdown.” As per SOPs issued on Tuesday, public transport will continue to operate, with restrictions, mostly for people engaged in essential services or for offices exempted from restrictions. Home delivery of newspapers is also allowed.
Officials said people can use public transport in emergencies, for essential activities or for a valid reason. Private vehicles can ply only for essential/emergency purposes. Restaurants and bars will remain shut but home delivery will be allowed. E-commerce deliveries have been restricted to just essential goods.

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