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The novel coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement of several sports events. The highly infectious virus has wreaked havoc all around the world with medical agencies facing difficulties in detecting cases due to several patients being asymptomatic. The studies and analysis regarding Covid-19 are still going and several new aspects are being revealed by medical professionals. However, when live sports were cut off due to the lockdowns imposed, UFC was still holding fights in America.

Now with most of the sports leagues trying to get back on track, UFC is set to host another event. UFC 250 will see two-division champion Amanda Nunes face Felicia Spencer for the featherweight title. But Nunes has revealed that she too faced medical troubles due to Covid-19.

Nunes said on Thursday during a virtual UFC 250 media day that she had all the Covid-19 symptoms when she returned from Las Vegas but cannot confirm it as she wasn’t tested.

“I was in a convention in Vegas, with people from all over the world, right when the Covid-19 thing started,” Nunes said.

“I left the convention here in Vegas and went home. I started to get real sick when I got home. I’ve never felt that in my life; I was in bed for two or three days.”

Nunes also revealed that she feels that her fiancée Nina Ansaroff caught the virus as she also showed symptoms of the disease. Ansaroff is pregnant and they are expecting a baby boy in September.

“And when I started to get better, Nina started to get sick too,” Nunes said.

“I recovered at home, I was in total quarantine, and Nina went to the emergency [room] real fast because of the baby.

“We still didn’t manage to get tested, because it was in the early stages of it all – they didn’t have many tests,” Nunes said. “But she was tested for everything else and it all came back negative. If she got tested for the coronavirus, maybe it would have come back positive, right? But everything went right and she recovered quickly. Nina is really strong too and was able to recover.”

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