Sonia pays homage to soldiers, asks PM to tell nation the ‘truth’

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NEW DELHI: Congress president

Sonia Gandhi

on Wednesday asked PM Modi to tell the


how China managed to intrude into Indian territory and kill 20 soldiers, underlining that the “enemy” has been sitting on Indian soil for 45 days.
On the day Congress sought to corner the Modi government for “hiding” and urged him to “stand up to China”, the AICC chief paid homage to the martyred soldiers and asked the PM questions about the developments on China front and what the government’s “thinking and policy” was to deal with the situation. “For last one month and half, China’s army has intruded into Indian territory in Ladakh. Today, when the country is outraged by this incident, the PM should come forward and tell the country the truth as to how China encroached upon Indian land, why 20 soldiers were martyred and what is the situation on the ground,” she said in a video message.
“Are our soldiers and officers still missing, how many officers or soldiers are seriously injured, how much of our land has been encroached by China?” she added. Saying the killings had “shaken the conscience of the country”, Sonia Gandhi urged the PM to “reassure the nation based on truth and facts.”
“20 of our soldiers have been killed. China has grabbed our land. Pradhan Mantriji, why are you silent? Where are you hiding? Please come out. Entire country stands with you. Come out and tell the country the truth. Don’t be afraid,”

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul also criticised defence minister

Rajnath Singh

for “not naming China” in his tweet, calling it an insult to the

Indian Army

. He also questioned Singh’s decision to address rallies when soldiers were being killed. “India deserves a leadership that is willing to do anything before allowing its land to be taken. Show up, PM Modi, its time to stand up to China,” said AICC general secretary

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

. Congress also accused the ruling BJP of ignoring the warnings from the opposition and military leaders over 45 days.

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