Sonia asks govt if there was intel failure

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New Delhi: Seeking greater scrutiny of the

Chinese aggression

and India’s response, Congress president Sonia Gandhi asked

PM Modi

to disclose when the Chinese forces intruded into the country and if there was an intelligence failure in reporting their movements in early May. She accused the government of failing to talk directly with the Chinese leadership after the


were known while demanding an assurance that status quo ante at the border would be restored.
At the all-party meeting called to discuss the Chinese aggression and clashes in Ladakh, Sonia charged the government with “losing valuable time” between May 5, when the Chinese intrusions were first reported, and June 6, when talks between corps commanders took place.
“Even after the June 6 meeting, efforts should have been made to talk directly, at the political and diplomatic levels, to the Chinese leadership. We failed to use all avenues, and the result is the loss of 20 lives,” she said and urged the PM to share the sequence of events beginning April as parties were still in the “dark”. Sonia also said the all-party meeting should have been called just after the Chinese intrusions were reported in Ladakh and other places on May 5 as it would have prepared the country better.She pointedly asked if the government found out about the Chinese transgressions on May 5 or earlier, since the government receives satellite pictures of the borders.

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