Snapchat’s AR glasses to come to India this week

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is all set to unveil its


(augmented reality) glasses in India. The product comes with an eponymous brand name called


and will make its entry into the Indian markets later this week, by July 4 via Flipkart. The company would introduce the later variant called

Spectacles 3

in India. Durgesh Kaushik, the India head at Snapchat, announced this via Twitter.

Snapchat Spectacles..

— Durgesh Kaushik (@durgesh_kaushik) 1593332896000

Spectacles 3 are priced at Rs 29,999 and come with a charging case which, as per the company, lets users charge the device on-the-go. The

AR glasses

can take photos and videos in 3D. According to the Flipkart description, the Spectacles 3 let “you capture a 10-second 3D video with the press of a button. Press it again to record for 10 more seconds, up to a total of 60 seconds total. Press and hold the button to take a picture.”
They also come with a 3D Viewer, “allowing you to place your phone inside it so that you can enjoy the 3D videos and images you captured”. The captured content may also be uploaded to Youtube VR. Plus, users can also add 3D effects.
The Spectacles 3 AR glasses are compatible with iPhone 7 or later that runs iOS 11 or above, and some select Android smartphones that run Android 6 or above. For now, the Android smartphones that are compatible with the device are “Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, or later Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or later Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL.”
The AR glasses let Snapchat users click pictures and take videos in a point-of-view scenario and post to the site. Snapchat Spectacles were first launched in 2016. The product saw two more iterations in 2018 and 2019 as Spectacles 2 and Spectacles 3 respectively. The later variants improved upon the original product, both hardware and software-wise.

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