Snag hits modified PW engine, pilot has to shut it mid-air

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NEW DELHI: A modified Pratt & Whitney (PW)


on a

GoAir Airbus A320neo

flying from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad on September 19 had to be shut down mid-air after it developed a


. The pilot, however, managed to land the


safely at its destination in Ahmedabad.
This is possibly the first case of a modified aircraft developing a technical fault inflight. A GoAir spokesman said the matter is under investigation and declined to elaborate on the incident. TOI has contacted PW for its comments, which are awaited.
“A GoAir A320neo aircraft had a commanded inflight shutdown (IFSD) of engine number 1 while operating on the night of September 19. The aircraft landed safely at Ahmedabad. There was a ‘heat management system fault’ possibly due to engine oil system snag. Both the engines of the aircraft were modified PW engines. There were no issues of low pressure turbine or vibration (the most common trouble with the unmodified PW engines for Neos),” said a source.
In India, GoAir and IndiGo use PW-powered A320/321neos (new engine option). In the last few years, these engines had a spate of commanded inflight shutdown on A320neo family of aircraft. PW then found a fix for the issues and developed a modified engine.
Earlier this year, the


had asked both the airlines — IndiGo and GoAir — to replace unmodified PW engines by May 30. It had said that the unmodified PW engines contain an “unsafe condition, which is prone to undesirable outcomes” and need to be dispensed with.

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