Shop These Sweater Vests, The Old School Layering Essential To Consider This Fall

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Photographed by Ethan James Green, Vogue, May 2020

Fall weather is kind of like dating someone who is giving mixed signals— hot one day and cold the next. Getting dressed for this unpredictable weather means staying nimble and leaning into smart layering that can help your body maintain stasis no matter the temperature outside (or inside for that matter). While shoving a T-shirt under a sweater is one to stay prepared, it’s often clunky. Instead, I’ve found the humble sweater vest to be one of the most clever ways to layer and avoid overheating or getting too chilly this fall whether out and about safely, or at home. 

Sweater vests in all their forms are having a resurgence. Some designers, like Acne Studios and Purdey are leaning into old-school, preppy sweater vest silhouettes—complete with V-necks and argyle print. Other brands like Andersson Bell and Ganni are putting out sleek, modern takes on the classic with cropped silhouettes  and turtlenecks that are just as enticing as their retro counterparts.

Sweater vests aren’t picky layering companions. Loose or fitted, cropped or longline, plain or patterned, they tend to go with everything. And unlike their sleeved sweater counterparts, layering with a sweater vest can be done without your layers bunching up in all the wrong places. Throw a well-loved tee underneath a sweater vest for a casual-yet-polished look, insulate button downs with a sweater vest on top for more dressed up days, wear one on its own indoors, or top off fitted turtlenecks on the coldest days. 

Turns out the sleeveless silhouette is as practical as it is stylish. Here, 16 sweater vests for your smart layering repertoire this fall.  

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